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Get the Best Dog Door Installed in the Best Place for Your Home and Pet

You don’t have to settle for the few dog door options that the Big Box stores offer. You have options when it comes to installing your dog door. Pikes Peak Pet Doors can install your properly sized dog door in the best area of your home – for your convenience and your pet’s welfare.

Through Glass Doggie Doors

When you have your dog door installed right in your sliding glass patio door, you have chosen the most elegant of pet door installations.

In glass dog doors require the replacement of your existing glass with new glass that has been cut for the pet door then tempered for safety. Because you keep the original glass, this installation is completely reversible – you can have the dog door and glass replaced with the original glass when you move or no longer want the dog door.

Wall Dog Doors

For the most energy efficient doggy door installation, you’ll choose a wall pet door. Because there is a larger air space between the flaps, you’ll realize greater energy savings over any other dog door.

In fact, you may see savings on your energy bill just because you won’t be opening your entrance door many times each day letting your dog in and out and back in again.

Wall doggy doors can be installed in every type of wall including frame with stucco, siding or brick exteriors, double brick, block and even concrete walls!

Door Doggie Doors

When you want your cat or dog to use your entrance, choose a door pet door. Often this is the easiest place to locate your dog door because your pet is already accustomed to using this area to come and go.

Door pet doors can be installed in every type of door: wood, metal, fiberglass, solid or hollow core.

You’ll save time by not having to be your doggie’s doorman and money on your energy bills when you’re not opening your big entrance door every time your pet needs to answer the ‘call of nature’ then come back in again.

Screen Pet Doors

Do you want to enjoy the fresh air without having to be disturbed every time your pet wants to come in or go out?

A screen dog door is the answer. It fits right in your screen door, so you can feel the breeze while your dog or cat can come and go as they please.

Window Pet Doors

Is a window the best place for your cat to come in and go out of the house? You can have a pet door made to fit your window whether it’s a horizontal slider or vertically hung.

Dog Ramps and Stairs

Sometimes the best place in your house for your doggy door is through a wall, but the drop to the ground outside is too high for your dog to maneuver easily. A pet ramp or stairs made especially for your situation will solve the problem, and you’ll have the happiest dog in the neighborhood.

Increase Your Home Security with a Pet Door Security Barrier

Let your dog have its freedom while you enjoy peace of mind with a Hale Pet Door Security Barrier. These attractive barriers look like a dog house and block your doggie door from prying eyes. The interior panel makes human intrusion almost impossible while your dog can maneuver around it easily.

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